This is me, Saptarshi Soham Mohanta aka TechnoSap, but you can call me Sap or Sappy.

NerdFinger                           “Nerdiness is a rare virtue”
I’m a nerd of the greatest degree,

“H-O-H, H-O-H, H-O-H !!”                               7607a7680fecc896404515908108508e
a Science Enthusiast,

0f76f89d211da4f975202ca60ef72ea5                                                    “DON’T be a d3x/dx3”
a Mathematics Freak,

“Check again, Always check again…”            joke-programmer-is-alternate
a Computer Geek,

imageand the greatest Nvidia enthusiast in the world (probably 😛 )

I also have a passion for the digital arts especially 3-D Modelling, Material Art and Graphics Design. I do jobs too. (By the way, if need help with graphics design jobs, logo, banners, resumes whatever, don’t be afraid to mail me 🙂 )

I work on mainly fusion art and coding. Doing one thing is boring, I like to mix it up. Mixing art, music, mathematical algorithms and genetics to create some thing new. Its just like cooking, flavors of different ingredients mixing up to give brand new textures and tastes. (Oh! I forgot to mention I like to cook too..)

I love listening to music and Im a total OTAKU Freak.

I have a deep liking for trying new things, something others may be afraid to try because I believe that exploring the unknown is the way forward.

I hope my monologue was not very irritating…

But this is who I am, I will be posting updates of my works… If you’re free, check them out.


Have a Nice Day…


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